IndicatorArt has received positive endorsements from parents, agency staff, and community leaders.
"It is a rare artist who uses his or her gifts to empower others."
An excerpt from the Mary and Gil Stott Community Service Award presented to Matt Palmo in November 2017. The award was administered by the Foundation for the Study of the Arts and Crafts Movement at Roycroft.
Residential Manager
"Over the past two years, Matthew has [opened] his program, IndicatorArt, to many individuals, not only at this home but to many homes in numerous agencies. He has made the program a success through his abilities to help others reach their potential and promote their strengths[...]he has been a great asset to the people who live here and in the community.
"My son, who has autism, took an art class and a year later I am still amazed at the detail he captured of a place he used to enjoy visiting with his grandpa. I see things in the picture I did not see the last time I stood before it. This is all from the guidance that you provide your students. Matt, you have a talent that few people have: the gift to teach others how to express themselves through art. That is a special gift."
Agency Executive
"Matt Palmo is a very passionate artist with people skills that supersede what others may have[...]He is a pillar of the community[...]
He is a strong believer that all people have capabilities and strengths."
Community Leader
(after participating in an IndicatorArt course)
"I witnessed some amazing things happening with our friends with special needs. They became very creative and expressed themselves in beautiful ways. Matt brings out the best in them[...]I am very excited to see him expand his program."

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9 Paine Street

First Presbyterian Church

East Aurora, NY 14052

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Matt Palmo




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