Buffalo Programs

Our programs are held at IndicatorArt Studios & Gallery, which is located in the First Presbyterian Church of East Aurora, NY. Our objective is to ensure a fun and life-enriching experience for each participant. The following practices outline our approach:
  • Our class instructors are professionals in their fields who have a deep interest in and compassion for people with developmental disabilities.
  • We have small class sizes, usually three to five participants, to make sure that each student receives maximum individual attention.
  • Our instructors work closely with family members and agency staff to customize teaching approaches and best meet the needs of each student.
  • All of our programs and events are inclusive. Members of the general population are encouraged to take our programs, volunteer, and attend our events. We believe in the importance and positive impact of including and valuing people with developmental disabilities in our communities.
We currently offer four programs:
  • Painting Workshop: This was our first program and remains the most popular. Many of our students' paintings have been purchased or featured in art galleries. Several have won awards. At the conclusion of each six-session program, we have a public art show presenting the work of our students.
  • Music Workshop: Our music instructors work with students to form their own "garage" band. The band members experiment with a variety of instruments and practice during the six-session program. At the conclusion, the band performs at a music event open to the public.
  • Photography Workshop: In this six-session course, students learn the basics of photography. Most class time is spent "in the field" taking professional-quality photos in nature settings and interesting local sites. At the conclusion of the program, printed photos are presented at a show with an open invitation to the public. 
  • Yoga Workshop: This is a seven-session program led by licensed yoga instructors. It is a stimulating and healthy introduction to yoga practices. Our instructors support each participant in their exploration of movement and wellness. 
For any questions regarding our programs please contact Joan Barten with the form below or call 203-246-4989.

Main Address


9 Paine Street

First Presbyterian Church

East Aurora, NY 14052

Founder and L.A.

Matt Palmo




Joan Barten




Debby Throckmorton



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